Titan Essence

Titans are a new type of ascending SSS allies.
Their strenght can be compared to the Deities and Bodens.
They are deified in a similar fashion, through the usual Deify System (meaning any kind of SSS ally can deify), but with their own type of essence - the titan essence.

Full Korean Patch notes here and here (full version with skill descriptions).

Visit the Titan or Unreleased Allies article to view updated versions of the skills.


Atlas Release Poster

Normal ATK: Removes buffs from one target.

Active Skill 1 (Single DMG):

- 3861% of ATK (100% ACC). - Knocks the target away from play for 30s. - If the fight (waves/round) ends before the target returns (which means you kills all other enemies prior to its return), the target is considered dead. [CD: 18s]

Active Skill 2 (Self Buff):

For 12s: ATK+111%, Crit DMG+87, Def Pen+89. [CD: 22s]

Active Skill 3 (Self Buff):

For 11s, avoid all attacks, ATK SPD+192%, Additional DMG+101%. However, she cannot dodge 100% ACC skills. [CD: 23s]

Passive Skill 1 (Self Buff):

Self ATK+31%, ACC+19%.

Passive Skill 2 (Self Buff):

Additional 14% DMG to all attacks.

Note: Read about Atlas' myth here.


Normal ATK: Heals single ally.

Active Skill 1 (Party Buff - Heal):

Converts all received DMG to grants a buff that heals all ally for 5.8s. [CD: 13s]

Active Skill 2 (Party Buff):

For 15.5s, party ATK+45%, ATK SPD+30%, STA+22%. [CD: 26s]

Active Skill 3 (Single Buff):

For 6s, one of the party members will receive a shield that reflects all debuffs. [CD: 8s]

Passive Skill 1 (Self Buff + Party Buff):

- Self INT+18%. - Party DEF+14%.

Passive Skill 2 (Self Buff):

Self Immunity+24, Debuff Resistance+23.

-translated by khangvn08

Note: Read about Thethis' myth here.

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