On 25/02, Korean Dragon Blaze introduced the newest Dark Souls - the Incanter 샤샤 - Shasha (Note that 샤 is repetitive and therefore pay special attention to write her name as Sha-sha --> Shasha and not Sasha ;D ).

Format is as follows:

  • 1-3 active Skills
  • 4-5 passive Skills
  • 6 normal attack effect

Note that these Skills will not be updated once the Allies have been patched. Head over to Unreleased Allies for updated versions.

Video Showcast here - Disclaimer: Test Servers! No buff bars and skills reprensation could be wrong

(And no! She does not summon the Dark Souls at the end of the video haha Its just a visual representation of the 2300% damage that Shasha inflicts upon her death.)

Shasha [Incanter]


  1. Sharp breath: Inflicts 1651% damage to all enemies and recovers the HP of herself and her Summon by 77% of the damage inflicted. [CD: 14.5 sec]
  2. Mental Pollution: Decreases the enemies ATK by 50% for 10 seconds and steals 100 Critical Rate for her Summon. [CD: 11.6 sec]
  3. Dark Soul Gem: Invokes 1 random Dark Soul for 20 seconds. Upon invoking she inflicts 2556% damage to one enemey and stuns it for 10 seconds. [CD: 26.0 sec]
  4. Soul Transition: Upon the moment of her Summon's death, all of Shasha's Skill Cooldowns reset and she will reduce incoming damage by 80% for 5 seconds thereafter. [CD: No Cooldown]
  5. The Last Gift: Upon death (death is hinted in pretext) Shasha will inflict 2300% damage to all enemies and grants her entire party a 50% damage reflecting shield. [CD: 47.0 sec]
  6. Normal attack: Attacking enemies leaves a mark that amplifies the damage of her Summon to that target.

TL notes:

  • The Summon is refered to as 'Pet' but we will use Summon for the sake of universiality.
  • Soul Transition's story-text says that the soul of her enemies are her favourite snack... I will leave that uncommented. *shurdders*
  • Soul Transition can also refer to 'Upon the moment her Summon kills and enemy'.
  • Not sure about the 1st passive. A native Korean said that it also could be a 5 seconds reduction for her skills. Investigations are being made.
  • Note that she steals 100 Critical Rate not 100%. Mind the dimishing returns.

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