As you may know, KR's chapter 4 is just around the corner. They are gradually releasing more information and teasers this week, so we can expect something at least end of this month (most likely earlier).

Keep track of the releases here on the KR forum.

Here we have Raw image material for the upcoming awakened Characters. Skills will hopefully follow soon.

Preview Video Chapter 4

Chapte 4 ! New Characters00:16

Chapte 4 ! New Characters

New Character Design

Awakened Mage
Mage card
Mage char pre-awakened
Awakened Archer
Archer card
Archer char pre awakened
Awakened Rogue
Rogue card
Rogue char pre awakened
Awakened Paladin
Paladin card
Paladin char pre awakened
Awakened Priest
Priest card
Priest char pre awakened
Awakened Warrior
Warrior card
Warrior char pre awakened

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