A new event page has just launched. Pre-registering for the opening of chapter 4's last area has been announced .

The pre-reg rewards feature:

  • (1) 5.Oct~18.Oct: 3 SSS tickets
Register by clicking the [Android] or [IOS] button below the (1) Event and follow the page. Click the orange/reddish button somewhere on your right side of the screen. Log in with Kakao and you are done once you receive a SMS.
  • (2) Log in until the 30.Nov 23.59, after 4.4 was released for a free Buster/Dark Soul Ticket
    (You may also claim 10 SSS + 100 Essence select tickets instead)
  • (3) 5.Oct~18.Oct: Event involving Facebook comments. 1000 people have a chance to receive 10 Essence select tickets.
    Leave a comment if you want details about that (as I suspect not many being interested in that)
«To the event page:

Also, we've got some good looks on the new and remaining T.Angels. Skills will be up once released, of course on the sidebar under a new post and soon after on the Transcended Angels article.

Transcended Kymael

Transcended Kymael raw

Transcended Fryderyk

Transcended Fryderyk raw

Transcended Llywelyn

Kr patch transcended llywelyn coming soon

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