So i always asked myself what those purple damage indicators are supposed to be.

Its mainly in the KR version, here an example, but now ive also seen it in the global version. It happend when my Belle invoked Dark Windlune. Everytime she hit the npcs a mix of normal damage, crit damage and purple damage showed up on my screen. All runs after that showend no sign of the mysterious number again. And i have yet to invoke her again. :(

I looked closer at her skills, and there is nothign that could need a seperate or own damage color. Only her damage per cent over time could make somewhat sense.

So i did some testing. This purple damage bothers me too much. So since i dont have Dark Windlune i did some runs with my korean mikaela in order to test some things.

In the first picture of this album you see the buff icon that showed up on her buff bar right before she started to deal some purple damage. It usualy activated some seconds after a wave battle began. It vanishes inbetween waves, just to be shortly activated again soon after. In the short time inbetween those actives states she dealt no purple damage.

-->So i assume that this icon is the indiactor for the purple damage. (Would even make sense with the visual. Pruple broders around the sword and purple damage numbers in the battle.)

Question is what triggers it?

Her current KR Passive says that she has a chance to increase Atk spd but more importantly increases her damage dealt. I assume that this extra damage dealt is the purple damage. It would make sense with the short break time inbetween the buff's appearance. It would perfeclty fit the ~2sec downtime on her Passive.

Now, to the people who own Dark Windlune: Does this make sense with what you see ingame everytime you use Windlune? Does she have such a buff icon as well? The only thing that could be that damage is her Passive which deals DOT damage by percantage of her ATK. Im so interested in Mikaela's english skill description, because those two things dont make sense. At least we know the buff icon for now.

I need any info i can get. (Redditors may have noticed that ive talked about this a few times already, but the reddit detecvies know nothing.)

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