There was a request for some of the raw images that we use for banner design. Below you will find said Raw materials.

Please note that every picture is owned and copyrighted by Gamevil or Flint.
Using these Raws for your own purposes does not give you permission to claim it as your own. All belongs to the publishing companies.

This Wikia has no ownership rights for these Raws.

Update: There are always new images incoming thus I declared it to be pointless to update them into this post manually, when there is a easier way.
Let me now explain how to find the desired image in this wikia's extremely huge Image-database.

Note that all images can still be requested at User:Browseitall's Wall, in case you cannot find your desired images. He can deliver any picture within a day

First of all visit this wiki search page.

UNITNAME = Correct ingame folio name

  • Find release poster by searching "UNITNAME release poster" , add "kr" at the end, sometimes we upload the kr release posters as well.
    • Example:
      Dark Soul Ragnarok release poster
  • Find Icon/Flair/Potraits by searching "UNITNAME Icon" , sometimes you need to add the race before UNITNAME, in cases where the unit wasnt released yet, ex. "Awakened Belle Icon"
    • Example:
      Refuge King Gram Icon
  • Find Folio potraits/gifs with "UNITNAME" , yes thats it
    • Example:
      Princess Mercedes
    • Find raw transparents by request only.

Here are the release posetrs.

Ravengale poster
Use expand to reveale the old post

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