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  • Drkdragonz66

    This patch brings us

    • Transcended Helios and Prometheus
    • Children's Day Gift Boxes
    • Carnation flowers Drop Event

    Original patch notes can be found here.

    Transcended Helios

    1. Punitive Justice (/Melee) (Active 1)
      Deals 1084% DMG to all enemies and increases incoming ranged DMG by 39% for 6.7s [CD: 13.4 sec]
    2. Crack of Time (Active 2)
      To all allies except herself, increases ranged ATK by 24%, single [target] DMG by 62%, and immediately reduces active skills cooldown by 10% for 13.4s. [CD: 18.4 sec]
    3. Commander's Protection (Active 3)
      Grants a shield to all allies for 8.6 seconds with 348% of Helios’s attack. Increases party CDR by 33% and ATK SPD by 42% while the shield is active, and reduces all active skills’ cooldowns by 7% once the buff ends. [CD: 20.1 sec]
    4. Heav…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Teaser 5 is all about events, and will be the last teaser before the actual patch. Celebration event Login between 4/11 (After patch) and 5/10 to receive 2 Transcended Selects (Draco/Angel/Boden) in the Inbox. Pre-Registration rewards This just lists the rewards the player could have gotten for each event:

    • Event 1
      • 10 SSS Ally Summons for Pre-Registering
        • +1 for inviting 2 friends on Kakaotalk, +2 more for inviting 5 friends on Kakao talk (successfully)
    • Event 2
      • Share the video on Facebook and enter your Account ID to be put into a drawing. 1000 Players will receive 30 Essence Selects

    GM Events The GM events between 4/6 and 4/12

    • Login between 4/6 - 4/12 and receive 7 days of Eligos
    • Login once a day and receive 5 Transcended Essences
    • Use 100 Shoes and …

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Teaser 4 is all about content, such as the new Daily Dungeons and the Rune system. Tomorrow's buffs will be about "opening events." Daily Dungeons There are 5 different types of dungeons that one can enter, one appearing per day. Each dungeon drops a specific reward, and these rotate from Monday-Friday.

    • Monday: Ally Dungeon
    • Tuesday: Jewel Dungeon
    • Wednesday: Referral Dungeon
    • Thursday: Essence Dungeon
    • Friday: Rune Dungeon

    Rune System Runes are based on MC Classes, so strengthening your Warrior Rune will strengthen your Warrior MC respectively. It looks like there are 4 different rune types you can acquire in the Daily Dungeon, and these are:

    • STA Runes (1 STA = 32 HP)
    • STR Runes
    • Weapon ATK Runes
    • DEF Runes

    The player may need one of each type in order to …

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Teaser 3 is all about allies, focusing on both old and new Transcended.

    • Transcended allies are getting buffed, and some skills will be greatly simplified.
    • Key creation is even more easier than before! Only one Deity is needed, and the essence cost to enhance has been lowered.
    • Transcended Party Buffs! Unlike the past Party Buffs, these allies do not need to be in your current team for them to provide a buff. However, all of the Transcended allies must be obtained to receive each buff (Need Greysoul/Blackaria/Gaela created to unlock that buff).

    Transcended Titans The 4 revealed Titans now get teaser posters, revealing more backstory. Transcended Atlas "I'll make you a star in the sky!"
    Atlas now has purple hair and even bigger gauntlets, which …

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  • Drkdragonz66

    There's a coupon code event hosted by that's super easy to do and gives you 2 SSS summons and 500 Rubies! Be quick, its only available to the first 100,000 people! Here's how to do it.

    Click on this link here to get taken to the website. Click on the yellow button to login to your Kakao account, and once the page refreshes click on the yellow button again to get your code!

    Note: The code is unique to your Kakao account and cannot be shared with other accounts. This has to be done on a PC, using a mobile browser will not work.

    To redeem the code, login to the game on Android (sorry iOS) and enter the shop. At the bottom right there's a button that opens an input box. Input the code there, and press the button on the right. If succ…

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