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    Summer Festival event is starting!!! (5/30-6/27) , Full patch notes here Summer Event Login Rewards

    From 5/30 to 6/27, all players will receive

    • Choice Base Overlord Ticket
    • Seal of Mysterious Return Accessory
      • Receive 1 for free when logging in, the rest are behind 110k Won packages.


    • Increases Gold Acquisation +465.00%
    • Challenger Dungeon XP Acquisation +180.00%
    • Ally Acquisation +48.00%
    • Increases Chance for MAX stats on Raid gear +91.80%

    2 Set Effect:

    • Weapon MAX ATK +45000
    • Increase Critical Damage +2220.0
    • Increase Critical Rate +704.0

    3 Set Effect:

    • Increase EVA +600.0
    • Increase ATK Speed +110
    • Increase Defense Penetration +1200.0
    • Additional Boss Damage +50.00%

    Special Day Events

    Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5/30 to 6/27 will have a special eve…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    Full Patch Notes can be found, HERE

    Guild Adventure Rework Instead of opening during a specific time, Guild Adventure will now be open on Saturdays (00:20 - 23:59). Guild Adventure is still going to work as it did before, but has now been reworked into a Guild Rivalry World Boss (of sorts).

    Rivalry Determined by the rankings of the previous Guild Adventure, the game will select up to 2 rival Guilds for you to compete against. The rival guilds will be displayed at the top of the waiting room.

    For every rival guild that your guild score beats, you obtain additional rewards.

    The Battle Players can enter 10 times for free, and will fight against Doom Howl (the boss) for 10 minutes. The right side of the screen contains the inner guild rankings and…

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  • Drkdragonz66

    More events and buildup to the 4th Anniversary! Full patch notes and numbers and stuff will be posted tomorrow.

    Integrated Rankings Ruby Increase Integrated Rankings ruby rewards will be increased

    Daily Dungeon 2x Event For one week (1/31 - 2/8) Myth Difficulty rewards for the Daily Dungeon will be doubled! This means:

    • Ally Dungeon: 2 SSS
    • Gem Dungeon: 4 U Gems
    • Request Dungeon: 24 C-Rank Scrolls
    • Essence Dungeon: 40 Transcended Essence
    • Rune Dungeon: 72 Runes
    • T-Equipment Dungeon: 24 T-Equipment Pieces
    • Arch Buster Dungeon: 40 Arch Buster Pieces

    Mercades Wedding Event Rerun The Mercades Wedding Event will return. Players will farm dice in Dungeons or Challenger Dungeons to try to clear various boards as usual.

    4th Anniversary Special GM Event From 2/1-2/7…

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    Welcome to the first update of the new year! It's a relatively small one though. Full patch notes here

    Tower of Validation Expansion Tower of Validation has been expanded to 80 floors Honor Gorge Events Ruby Upgrades

    • Ruby Rewards for World Boss, Arena, Tag Match, and Revenge of Belphegor have been raised, click the images in the gallery to expand.

    Login once a day on

    • 1/4 to receive 50 Million Gold
    • 1/5 to receive 10 Transcended Essence
    • 1/6 to receive 30 Runes
    • 1/7 to receive 10 Transcended Equipment parts
    • 1/8 to receive 10 Transcended Essence
    • 1/9 to receive 30 Runes
    • 1/10 to receive 10 Transcended Equipment parts

    Log in between 1/4 - 1/10

    • 3 days and receive 50 Transcended Essence
    • 5 days and receive 100 Transcended Essence
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  • Drkdragonz66

    21/Dec/17 Winter Fiesta

    December 19, 2017 by Drkdragonz66

    Original Patch Notes are here

    Extension of the Haydn's Wings Special attendance Event until 1/31/18, no new rewards to those who have already completed the event. Guild Siege UI Reorganization

    1. During the defense set-up, lobby UI has been changed from a bland waiting room to the defensive side of the battlefield, where you can see your guild's bases.
    2. During the pre-battle, UI has been changed to more clearly see information clearly. Based on how many players registered in each guild, it will show on the left and right sides how many possible attacks are left and how many successful defends have happened. In addition, there is now a button on the left and right sides that moves the player to their own bases and the enemy bases.
    3. Guild Siege Part…
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