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Chapter 5 Teaser 3

Teaser 3 is all about allies, focusing on both old and new Transcended.

  • Transcended allies are getting buffed, and some skills will be greatly simplified.
  • Key creation is even more easier than before! Only one Deity is needed, and the essence cost to enhance has been lowered.
  • Transcended Party Buffs! Unlike the past Party Buffs, these allies do not need to be in your current team for them to provide a buff. However, all of the Transcended allies must be obtained to receive each buff (Need Greysoul/Blackaria/Gaela created to unlock that buff).

Transcended Titans

The 4 revealed Titans now get teaser posters, revealing more backstory.

Transcended Atlas

"I'll make you a star in the sky!"
Atlas now has purple hair and even bigger gauntlets, which gives off a blue light. She retains her knockout ability in one of her skills, possibly being AoE this time.

Transcended Tethys

"I hope my prayers reach everyone..."

Transcended Helios

"I am justice!"

Transcended Prometheus

"Everyone will kneel at my strength!"

Next Teaser

The next teaser tomorrow will be about

  • the new Daily Dungeon
  • the new Rune system
  • UI changes
  • new jewels
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