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Chapter 5 Teaser 5

Teaser 5 is all about events, and will be the last teaser before the actual patch.

Celebration event

Login between 4/11 (After patch) and 5/10 to receive 2 Transcended Selects (Draco/Angel/Boden) in the Inbox.

Pre-Registration rewards

This just lists the rewards the player could have gotten for each event:

  • Event 1
    • 10 SSS Ally Summons for Pre-Registering
      • +1 for inviting 2 friends on Kakaotalk, +2 more for inviting 5 friends on Kakao talk (successfully)
  • Event 2
    • Share the video on Facebook and enter your Account ID to be put into a drawing. 1000 Players will receive 30 Essence Selects

GM Events

The GM events between 4/6 and 4/12

  • Login between 4/6 - 4/12 and receive 7 days of Eligos
  • Login once a day and receive 5 Transcended Essences
  • Use 100 Shoes and receive 20 Shoes (Unlimited)
  • Use 100 Tickets and receive 20 Tickets (Unlimited)
  • Do Fortress once a day and receive a SSS Jewel Select
  • Do 2 Arena matches a day and receive 3 Essence Selects

New User Rewards

When creating a new account, users will receive

  • Transcended Deathcrown, Greysoul, and Blackaria in their inbox
  • The 7th day of the new user calendar will be a Transcended Select ticket (Draco/Angel/Boden)
  • The special mission(s) for new users will now reward a Transcended Select ticket (Draco/Angel/Boden) after all are completed

Other Packages

These packages will be available between 4/11 (after patch) until 4/20.

  • MAX Transcended package for sale, once per account
    • Teaser image implies that Awakened allies can be received through this ticket, but have to wait until actual patch notes to confirm.
  • 110,000 Won (Up to 5 times)
    • 5000 Rubies, 10 SSS Summons, 120 Transcended Essence, 5 Choice Moonlight Jewels
  • 55,000 Won (Up to 5 times)
    • 2000 rubies, 8 SSS Summons, 40 Transcended Essences, 2 Choice Moonlight Jewels
  • New User Special Package (only for new users, once per account)
    • 12 SSS Summons, 120 Transcended Essences, 300 Million Gold, 1500 Rubies, 15 Days of Scarlet Tia and Eligos.
  • Transcended Essence Package (once per account)
    • 200 Transcended Essences (Upgraded from 80 before)
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