• Leaf671

    There are some new events on the Korean server involving pre-registration and new Awakened Dracos. Additional info will be added when translated.

    The source can be found at the link below:

    A new video was released and can be also seen here.
    We want to specifically make aware of the 4 active skill bar at 0.11 min.

    Update: If we look closely at the following screenshot we can clearly see that the 5th unit for both teams (bottom) only have 3 actives.

    Furthermore, the 4th active of Helios and Tiehr look identical.
    This concludes that this update won't introduce a new skill for every key, but that the 4th active is given either through

    • a new game mode, or
    • an equipable item

    A new game mode seems likely if we look closer at the screen…

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  • Leaf671

    Patch Notes below for the newest update to be implemented after 7/21 Maintenance.

    • There are skill revisions to several Dragon Busters, Dark Souls and Giants.
    • New Limited Cash Shop Packages available at a discount.
    • 1 + 1 Summoning Event from 7/21 - 7/28
    • Ruby package purchases will be rewarded with bonuses.

    Read the original patch notes here.

    Remember that all these changes can soon be viewed on Dragon Busters KR colored in green and yellow respectively

    Dragon Buster Pluto

    Skill Original Revised
    Burning Boost
    Active 1 Inflicts damages 2861% of ATK on 1 enemy and dispels all buffs. Uses up the skill buffs if the enemy has skill buffs for more damage.
    [Cooldown: 9.1 sec] Inflicts damages 3842% of ATK on 1 enemy and dispels all buffs. Uses up the s…

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  • Leaf671

    DB KR - 2/3/16 Update

    February 3, 2016 by Leaf671

    We had a sneak peak from the pictures on google play and the apple store for the three new awakened allies below: Awakened Snow, Whay and Azur. Their skills were released today!

    How exciting! The only remaining Awakened Heroes after this group are:

    • Captain Turq
    • Knight Tiel
    • Dark Elf Eirden

    New Awakened Hero Allies

    Snow looks a little bit unfamiliar but she is more mature for sure. She hardly resembles BrightSpark in this guise.

    Normal Attack: Inflicts splash damage.

    Cheer up Everyone (Active 1)
    Increases entire party's ATK by 61% for 15.5 sec. [Cooldown: 22.5 sec]

    Inns are Safe (Active 2)
    Increases Entire Party's DEF by 54% for 15.5 sec. [Cooldown: 22.5 sec]

    Outgoing Snow! (Active 3)
    Invokes an Awakened Ally for 18 sec. [Cooldown: 20.2 sec]

    Very Powerful Sno…

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  • Leaf671

    DB KR - 1/21/16 Update

    January 20, 2016 by Leaf671

    It's been a while since we've received an awakened heroes' update. The next three up are Yvante the Incubus, Lilith the Succubus and the long-awaited Karang. Skill info will be added once the update goes live!

    Finally finished all skill translations. I try my best to make them as accurate as I can. Leave any mistakes or suggestions in comments. Thanks! :)

    Also, several changes to improve the players' experience listed below.

    New Awakened Hero Allies

    Not sure what happened here but Yvante seems to be nearing the end of his sex change? His face looks very feminine. Can't complain about the amazing character design though.

    Normal Attack: Buffs summoned minion.

    Wrath of the Keeper (Active 1)
    Summons suicide bomber for 15 seconds. Bomber inflicts additi…

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  • Leaf671

    A new balancing update is planned for all 9 Bodens on KR's 1/14 maintenance. All skills are still subject to change. :)

    The stats below are relevant to the max level at time of patch which is 96.

    9 Bodens

    Friend of Elementals Mana Randy Her animal is the Reindeer.

    Skill Original Revised
    Mystic Fountain Restores a party member's HP equal to 725% of ATK and an additional 39% per second for 20 seconds.
    [Cooldown: 12.5 sec] Restores a party member's HP equal to 860% of ATK and an additional 39% per second for 20 seconds.
    [Cooldown: 12.5 sec]
    Flock Hunting Restores entire party's HP by 271% of ATK and inflicts 155% damage to all enemies.
    [Cooldown: 7.3 sec] Restores entire party's HP by 1260% of ATK and inflicts 155% damage to all enemies.
    [Cooldown: 7…

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