11/16/15: Official Patch Notes

Deify Event Part 2 (11/16 ~ 11/24 PST)

  • Platinum Ally Summon Event 20% off
  • Platinum Ally Bonus 1+1 Event
    (Receive Bonus Allies from Platinum Summon, IE. Summon 3 SS Allies Receive 1 SSS Ally, then receive a bonus SSS Ally during the next maintenance.)

Ending Events

  • Deify Event Part 1
  • Gold 3X Event (Purchase gold and receive triple the amount)
  • Essences Drop Rate 2X Event
  • Essences 20% OFF Sale
  • Additional Raid Reward 20% OFF Event
  • End of Halloween Event Pumpkin drops, Event Shop will still be available till next maintenance

Misc Changes

  • Permanent Change Gold 2X Purchased from Shop


11/16/15: Unofficial Patch Notes

All details below have been collected from various, foreign sources and translated. These are not official patch notes.

Maintenance Time: Nov. 16 2015

  • From 5pm PST to 8pm PST
  • Estimated Duration of 3 hours.

Sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen.. No new angels T_T

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