This twitch stream showcases the upcoming updates to Dragon Blaze for the 11/23 Patch. For reaching over 1,500 Live viewers, all players will receive 1 SS Ally Summon Ticket. Rewards will be sent early next week.

Recorded Twitch Stream

Major Content Updates/New Features

New Features

  • New Daily Dungeon featuring the Angels
    • Drops include dual stat skill cards.
  • Season 2 Hero mode will be added.
    • This also introduces Hero modes for all Raids and Raid Shops.
  • New Skill Cards
  • The forge is introduced. You may synthesize cards and equipment.
  • Combine system for Cards and Armor will be implemented.
    • This system allows you to combine equips to get a new one of the same grade with random stats.
    • Accessories cannot be combined.
    • Two pieces of armor are needed. The cost is 100,000.
    • For cards, 4 cards of the same grade are needed for combination. This will result in a card of a higher grade.
  • Sacrifice system - Feed unneeded items (accessories, cards, equips, essences) to get an A-SSS jewel at random.
    • The gauge starts at 0 and will reward when full.
    • Item points will continue to next sacrifice if gauge is exceeded.

Quality of Life improvements

  • Leveling made easier in Chapter 1. (reduced amount of EXP necessary)
  • You may now skip cinematic story scenes.

  • First Bonus Purchase Reward Changed
    • Get a unicorn SSS accessory (the stats on the accessory had acc/sta/crit/crit damage!)
    • Also rewards a SSS Class summon ticket.
    • Limited to one per account.

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