We had a sneak peak from the pictures on google play and the apple store for the three new awakened allies below: Awakened Snow, Whay and Azur. Their skills were released today!
Googleplay image

How exciting! The only remaining Awakened Heroes after this group are:

New Awakened Hero Allies

Awakened Belle Snow

Everyone's Friend Belle Snow
Class: Incanter
Role: DPS

Everyone's Friend Belle Snow

Snow looks a little bit unfamiliar but she is more mature for sure. She hardly resembles BrightSpark in this guise.

Normal Attack: Inflicts splash damage.

Cheer up Everyone (Active 1)
Increases entire party's ATK by 61% for 15.5 sec. [Cooldown: 22.5 sec]

Inns are Safe (Active 2)
Increases Entire Party's DEF by 54% for 15.5 sec. [Cooldown: 22.5 sec]

Outgoing Snow! (Active 3)
Invokes an Awakened Ally for 18 sec. [Cooldown: 20.2 sec]

Very Powerful Snow (Passive 1)
Increases ATK Speed by 16, Critical Rate by 8, and Critical Damage by 23 for entire party.

Reset Snow (Passive 2)
Upon death, Snow resets skill cooldown for all party members.

Awakened Whay

Immortal Summoner Whay
Class: Incanter
Role: DPS

Immortal Summoner Whay

Whay looks so elegant. They kept her signature hair color but cropped it a bit. Her summon is still a phoenix but her overall theme has less red/flames.

Normal Attack: Reduces enemy's defense.

Immortal Phoenix (Active 1)
Invokes Phoenix for 33 sec. Phoenix has the ability to use AOE attacks and also strengthen/buff itself at regular intervals. These buffs remain for as long as Phoenix is alive (unsure). [Cooldown: 34.1 sec]

Giant Phoenix's Breath (Active 2)
Inflicts 1216% damage to an enemy and an additional 412% damage every sec for 8 sec. [Cooldown: 15.9 sec]

Into the Flames (Active 3)
Inflicts 1238% damage every sec to an enemy for 5 sec. 50% of the damage dealt will be recovered as HP and each attack has a chance to stun. [Cooldown: 14.4 sec]

Life Cycle (Passive 1)
If Whay dies while Phoenix is present, then she will be resurrected with 100% health at the Phoenix's expense. [Cooldown: 36.1 sec]

Constant Flame (Passive 2)
Increases ATK by 48% for Whay.

Awakened Azur

Destroyer Azur
Class: Warrior
Role: DPS

Destroyer Azur

All this time, I thought Azur was a bear.. but it was an orc hiding underneath. I should've followed the lore better.

Normal Attack: Reduces enemy's defense.

Death's Delivery (Active 1)
Inflicts 3051% damage ignoring the enemy's defense. [Cooldown: 8.5 sec]

Warrior's Roar (Active 2)
Inflicts 1606% damage to all enemies and has a 70% chance to stun for 14.5 sec. [Cooldown: 14.3 sec]

Beast's Advance (Active 3)
Increases ATK by 40% and Critical Damage by 70 for entire party for 19 sec. [Cooldown: 26 sec]

Champion's Decree (Passive 1)
Increases Def Penetration by 30 for party members.

Beast's Breakthrough (Passive 2)
Increases Weapon ATK by 12% for party members.

Source: Dragon Blaze Naver

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