• Xianggu

    Dec new player route

    November 22, 2016 by Xianggu

    Quite some of my acquaintances started new accounts for various reasons. Recently, I talked about this with one of my friends. And I would like to share some thoughts about this.

    Intro As we all know, new player who joined after Oct. can receive a free buster in Dec. The main rewards of the event are:

    • Ult one Dacro, and get one for free
    • Ult one Angel, and get one for free
    • Ult one Boden, and get one for free
    • Get a free buster

    Apart from these, I remember there are also 70 ess and some SSS fodder. Cannot remember the details. Those rewards are relative less important. Based on major rewards, I will go for the following route.

    Dacro part As a new account, a Dacro will be awarded on the 7th day login bonus. Thus,

    1. Farm for 7 days and get free Dacro Gr…
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  • Xianggu

    Awaken Tiel, Int or Str

    November 17, 2016 by Xianggu

    Recently, I read quite some post discussing which main attribute should A.Tiel choose. As most global players have read, the recommendation skill card for Tiel is Int and Atk Spd dual card. The question is: does Int really better than Str for Tiel?

    In order to get the answer, I made several scenarios of the gear choices. The scenarios all based on 16th of Nov game version.

    First base stats, Tiel naturally got 1184 Int and 4231 Str which make her base Atk (1184+4231)*2 = 10830. I will divide the gear part into 2 sessions. Normal player and Hardcore player. To make the comparison more distinct, I will make the example more extreme.

    • For the normal player scenario, all items will not have any extended gem slot, all gems are SS grade, and all gear…
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