Recently, I read quite some post discussing which main attribute should A.Tiel choose. As most global players have read, the recommendation skill card for Tiel is Int and Atk Spd dual card. The question is: does Int really better than Str for Tiel?

In order to get the answer, I made several scenarios of the gear choices. The scenarios all based on 16th of Nov game version.

First base stats, Tiel naturally got 1184 Int and 4231 Str which make her base Atk (1184+4231)*2 = 10830. I will divide the gear part into 2 sessions. Normal player and Hardcore player. To make the comparison more distinct, I will make the example more extreme.

  • For the normal player scenario, all items will not have any extended gem slot, all gems are SS grade, and all gear only have 161 points of main stat.
  • For the hardcore player scenario, all items have extended gem slot, all gems are at least SSS grade, and gears all considered as 199 max stat. And in addition, the magic orb will have Int stat.
  • For all scenarios, skill card count as 13% bonus.

Normal player scenario

  • Stats from gear:161*4*2.5=1610
  • Stats from gems:44*12=528

(1610+528)*2.8=5986.4 extra stats.
(Note:2.5 from Ult gear bonus, 2.8 from Ult Ally bonus.)

Str version Int version

Int = 1184*1.17=1385.28
Total= 12930.94

Int = (1184+5986.4)*1.17*1.13=9479.98584
Total = 13710.99

(Note:1.13 from skill card bonus, 1.17 from passive)
Str difference=11545.662-4231=7314.66
Int difference=9479.98584-1385.28=8094.71
Total difference = 13710.99-12930.94=780.05
That will be +18872 Def, -162 Acc and -1560 Atk if choose Str over Int.
(Note: Def difference=7314.66*2*1.29, 1.29 from passive)

Hardcore player scenario

Considering all U gem is too difficult to get, the gem stat will take an easy calculated middle number 80 instead of 62 or 105, which roughly means there are slightly more SSS gems than U gems.

  • Stats from gear:199*4*2.5=1990
  • Stats from gems:80*21=1680

(1990+1680)*2.8=10297 extra stats. And 199*2.5*2.8=1393 extra Int

Str version Int version

Int = (1184+1393)*1.17=3015.09
Total= 18093.12

Int = (1184+1393+10297)*1.17*1.13=17020.7154
Total = 21251.72

Str difference=15078.03-4231=10847.03
Int difference=17020.7154-3015.09=14005.63
Total difference = 3158.6
That will be +27985 Def, -280 Acc and -6317 Atk if choose Str over Int.
(Note: Def difference=10847.03*2*1.29)


For normal player scenario, 1.5k Atk for 18k Def seems to be a good trade. While for hardcore players, 6k Atk for 27k Def maybe painful especially for WB.

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