Awakened Skills for Mage & Warrior are: Work In Progress.


Rage Rush

Inflicts 3960% to 1 target with 100% certainty and removes all buffs. Reduces its Defense by 33% for 20 seconds.
Instantly kills the target with 75% chance.
This skill's CD will be reset if the target is successfully insta-killed.
[CD: 15 sec]

Shield Strike

Inflicts 3420% to 1 target and splashes 80% to surrounding enemies.
Reduces target's EVA by 50% and stuns him for 12 seconds (immune to dispel). Stuns surrounding enemies for 8 seconds.
[CD: 18 sec]

Solidary Battle

Taunts all enemies for 18.8 seconds.
Reduces damage received for self by 48% and 12% for the rest of the party.
Also grants 8 seconds invurnabilty for self.
[CD: 20 sec]


Sword Training

Increases ATK by 120% for self and 36% for party.

Physical Strenght

Increases Defense by 160% for self and 42% for party.

Intensified Rage

Increases STR by 42% and additional (?) 76% upon hit (chance) for 15 seconds.

Buster Passive Skills

Buster passives are only activated when the Key transformation/invocation occured. Despite its name, Buster Passives affect/are valid for all Key races.

Busterpassive1 Balance of Power
Power must be balanced.
All stats (STR, DEX, INT, STA) increase by X% after a Buster is summoned.
Level 12345678910
Main Attributes 5%7%10%13%16%19%24%29%34%xxx%
SP.Req 222333444
Lvl.Req 100100101102103106

Busterpassive2 Protection of Ancient Gods
God will always protect you.
Decreases damage received by X% after a Buster is summoned.
Level 12345678910
Reduction 4%5%7%9%12%14%17%20%22%24%
SP.Req 222333444
Lvl.Req 100100101102103

Busterpassive3 Boden's Blessing
Only Boden's descendant receive the blessing of life.
Increases Max HP by X after Buster is summoned.
Level 12345678910
HP 216000297600379200501600624000
SP.Req 222333444
Lvl.Req 100100101102103

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