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World Bosses

Players may battle the World Bosses when they unlock on certain days of the week. A team of 4 strong allies and 2 helpers can be brought along for the fight. However, no consumable items are allowed for these events.

Bosses can be attempted up to 10 times to obtain a high score which is ranked against other players. Rewards are given based on ranking and include rubies.

Both Hydra and Lava Golem World Bosses have a rage mechanic in which players have to reach a certain damage threshold or otherwise be dealt lethal damage. Bosses enrage regularly and the damage threshold will continue to climb as the battle progresses.

The third World Boss Shariet does not channel Rage modes and buffs itself constantly instead.


Lava Golem

Lava Golem - Tuesdays


Hydra - Thursdays


Shariet - Saturdays
Additional Korean World Boss


Cerberus - Wednesday

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